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Recomended Weekly Link’s (from 13.02.2007)

Interesting to me articals for last week:

  • OSGi Tutorials

    One of the challenges when starting out with OSGi is finding information on the basics.

  • Getting started with OSGi: Your first bundle

    Over the next week or two, EclipseZone will be running a series of short posts on OSGi. Taken together they should form a smooth path into mastering the art of OSGi programming, but each post will introduce just one new technique and it should be possible to work through in under ten minutes. Also, we want to show how simple OSGi development can be, so we will not be using Eclipse for development — just a text editor and the basic command line tools will do. So, welcome to the «Getting started with OSGi» series.

  • A Comparison of Eclipse Extensions and OSGi Services

    Since Eclipse adopted the OSGi runtime in version 3.0, there has been some tension between the Extension Registry, which has been a feature of Eclipse from its beginning, and the Service Layer, which came from OSGi and pre- existed the involvement of Eclipse. The cause of the tension is that these two models overlap somewhat, and because they are both intended to solve very similar problems. However “the Devil is in the details”, and these two models are different enough to make it impractical for them to be merged. Therefore developers of Eclipse plugins and RCP applications need to make a choice between the two.

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