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Recomended Weekly Link’s (from 16.11.2006)

Interesting to me articals for last week:

  • Hibernate Performance Tips

    Some people I know are looking at porting their (very large) J2EE application from using a homegrown OR framework on top of Entity Beans with CMP (without CMR) to Hibernate, and they asked me for some tips. I‘m not claiming to be a Hibernate expert, but I‘ve used it on an enterprise product, added features, submitted patches, etc. so I know a bit.

  • Adopting OSGi as architectural asset for internal development

    In this article I’ll explain how many benefits can be obtained using a component oriented approach for software development adopting the OSGi model as the enabling component model.

  • Software design principles (mined from books)

    In this post I report a list of Software Design principles that I have mined from several books, papers.

  • Open Source ECM now? Think CPS!

    Please give this article a chance… I will try to explain the history of the CPS project, why it’s really about ECM, what is our approach, our passion…

  • Is Open Source capitalism, socialism or communism?

    At JBoss we always claim that FOSS is about a better way to develop, distribute and support software. Today’s software have tons of room to grow in terms of technical maturity, the economarket dynamics have tightened since the bubble forces The dirty little secret of the enterprise software model in today’s maturing market place is that, with the notable exception of a few players (MSFT and SAP included, ironically) the days of the hugely profitable sotware license are gone. In With the traditional software development model, your cost of sales, marketing and distribution is so high that these models completely depends on the for-pay license.

  • OSGi and Open Source ecosystem

    As InfoQ reported this summer, there is an increasing interested in OSGi and its related projects. I have created a table summarizing the status of OSGi in the field of Open Source community. Starting from available open source container, I searched about projects exploiting OSGi and their level of adoption of this technology.

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