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Recomended Weekly Link’s (from 08.11.2006)

Interesting to me articals for last week:

  • Steve Ebersole on Hibernate 3.2

    Steve Ebersole is principal software engineer with JBoss and, along with Emmanuel Bernard, a lead on the Hibernate project. Following the release of Hibernate 3.2, Artima spoke with Ebersole about new features, Hibernate’s support for EJB 3 persistence, and upcoming Hibernate features.

  • Distributing synchronization across threads

    The Java keyword, synchronized, is the simplest form of concurrency control in Java. With the advent of the work by Doug Lea and notible others on the new java.util.concurrent package, there are more tools. When dealing with highly contested resources, distributing the locking is key.

  • Why REST Failed

    HTTP is based on four basic operations: GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE.

  • In defense of J2EE’s complexity

    J2EE bashing seems to be the flavour these days. While I do agree that J2EE does seem tedious at times, especially when you compare it with the likes of Ruby on Rails, I still realize (and appreciate) why and how J2EE got to be the way it is.

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