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Recomended Weekly Link’s (from 27.10.2006)

Interesting to me articals for last week:

  • How Do Java’s Lists Measure Up? Comparing Arrays, Lists, and Maps

    Java offers several solutions for storing objects in an ordered list: arrays, Lists, and Maps—to mention the best known. This article analyzes the performance benefits and drawbacks of these lists using several examples.

  • The Role of the Enterprise Service Bus

    Mark Richards tells us what an ESB is, its role, what capabilities it provides, and the various ways an ESB can be implemented. He takes a close look at the JBI specification (JSR-208) and explains what impact it will have with the ESB world. This will teach you how to determine your own specific requirements for an ESB and then match these requirements to the product space.

  • Short, concise and readable code — invert your logic and stop nesting already!

    In the artical was described an useful method template:

    [return value] [method name](parameters) [throws clause] {
    [check pre conditions]

    [core logic]

    The benefits to writing code in this stlye are

    * loose coupling — blocks are not dependent. You can add/subtract sections of code without having to worry about the surrounding logic
    * linear flow — mentally, it’s easier to grok links in a chain because they require small, focused amounts of brain power. A stack (nested code blocks) requires you to keep state, so the brain power required is additive for each level of nesting you introduce.

  • Do you really need a Persistence Layer?

    Continuing from my earlier post about building an AJAX / SOAP App in 15 minutes, the only way to build an app this fast is KISS. If you’re worrying about EJBs, Relational DBMS, or file storage, you’ve gone too far.

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